-The hand of Judaculla left in stone. The hand that creates measseges left in time.  The pen that's mightier than the sword a race of giants that were seven fingered. An ancient Shaman that was named Swimmer  who acquired the language and could speak there word.

-As a result of a decade of research and work. We present the book Judaculla Speaks, for the discerning insightful pursuer of Ancient history that chronologically knits much most all creativity (to know my symbols is to know my words and to know my words I shall have conversation with thee).  Ancient language of the giants were a character in state of mind of the conciseness of perpetual harmonic balance of the state of mind as of above so below.  (Arthur David Webb's book can be found at ,Citylights bookstore in Sylva, NC and at Bascoms Art Gallery in Highlands, NC)

-Pleiades star connection. "We, too are still far removed from perfection and have to evolve constantly, just like yourselves. We are neither superior nor super-human, nor are we missionaries... we feel duty bound to the citizens of Earth because our fore- bearers were their forebearers..."                -Star Flower Semjase


-This above place was called the Galun-lati, A gathering place above. Where the lessons in Wisdom were Simple, stay in the light and the truth will walk with you. To speak the truth, then the light will talk for you. You, see the truth needs No Explanation. And any Garden that grows here in the blue circle below has never had a Harvest without light. Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction.

-Star connection,star language,star seed  out of the garden of life came first man or first chief whose name was Kanati which is English translation for Adam. Kanati brother to Anak was father of the giants. So legend has it the water of life originated from the Pleiades a story written in stone is first manuscript so all nations would see a form of first language, writing and manuscript. The symbols are written in a Bio-Relief or cake mold. The characters on the rock came from heaven and spoke the language of the Giants.